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Vaseline Glass Juicer

This vintage vaseline glass juicer is a great way to enjoy the taste of green vegetables and fruits while reducing them in size. With its simplistic design, this jicrirator is perfect for those looking for a quick and easy way to juice green vegetables. Thejuice system ensures best quality and consistent results with every use.

Reamer Squeezer Depression With Handle Vaseline

Uranium Glass Juicer

Uranium glass juicer: the uranium glass juicer is a great tool for juicing fruits and vegetables. This juicer comes with two blades and a food chopper that makes it easy to juice fruits and vegetables. The juicer can also be used to juice fruits and vegetables else where, such as in the oven. This juicer is also washable and easy to clean.

Green Glass Juicer

This green glass juicerer is a must-have for any vinegar/sugar-based juice needs! With this juicer, you can easily extract all the juice from up to 2 cups of vegetables or fruits every day. The centrifugal motion makes it easy to remove the juice, and the guaranteed customer satisfaction means that you can trust that you're getting the best juice from your vegetables and fruits. this vintage green glass juicer bowl is a great way to keep your lettuce and other salad vegetables on hand for when you need to make a quick juice. The bowl also includes a few drops of vasequeen juice and some freshnessmark. this is a vintage depression green uranium juicer that is a must-have for any uranium glass cleaner. This juicer does a great job of getting uranium out of glass, and it is also easy to use. the vaseline glass juicer is a powerful tool that can juice any type of fruit or vegetable. This juicer is great for people who are looking for a powerful tool that can juice any type of fruit or vegetable.